Renowned writer and director Clive Barker joins The Dark North

As one of our campaign's unlocked stretch goals, we promised that the foreword to The Dark North Volume 1 would be written by a distinguished contributor to the fantasy, science-fiction and horror scene.

Well today, we are very proud to give you - Clive Barker!

Clive Barker – writer, artist and filmmaker, perhaps best known for Hellraiser, Nightbreed and Abarat. Clive Barker has been a creative force in Hollywood since the 1980’s, and is one of the most prominent and influential writers and directors in horror and urban fantasy. His signed manuscript for “The Hellbound Heart” is in the top ten most expensive books list, along with signed novels by Ernest HemingwayJames Joyce and Herman Melville. Barker’s work has been adapted into over 30 films, as well as countless comics and video games. He was executive producer on the Oscar winning film “Gods and Monsters” with Ian McKellen.

– That Clive, with his unique vision, wonderful imagination and life-long experience of fantastic art in all its forms, chooses to collaborate on this book will make The Dark North something much bigger than we could possibly have hoped for, says Magnus Lekberg, creative director. Having spent a considerable part of my life in his worlds, I have a hard time thinking of someone who would be more fitting to join ours.

– In the wake of the so called ”Swedish gaming phenomenon” comes an abundance of creativity, and more so in art than anything else, Magnus continues. In this book, the immensely talented illustrators and concept artists creating all those amazing worlds we live in countless of hours when we play, get a chance to share new, fantastic and often personal stories set in The Dark North. Together with Clive, I’m certain we are about to forge something that will resonate not only with a Scandinavian audience, but with the rest of the world as well.

Clive Barker was born 1952 in Liverpool, England, and currently lives in Los Angeles. Among many other things he’s a filmmaker, painter and the writer of close to 30 books, with ”The Scarlet Gospels” (2015) being the latest.

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It is our pleasure to announce that "The Dark North - Volume 1" finally has a date set for heading to the printers: August 5th. Which is exactly one month from today. We can't wait to get it into your hands, as a thank you for making all of this happen!

Printing and shipping will take a couple of weeks, so this means that we will be aiming to have the books sent to you by the end of August. Overseas delivery (US, Asia, Aus/NZ) may take a week or two extra. 

The retail version will be released in mid-September, with the exact date yet to be announced. It's our absolute goal that all backers should have their Kickstarter editions before anyone can get their hands on the retail version.

A lot more news will be coming your way now that things quickly are falling into place. We're especially psyched about our news release coming up for the end of the week...

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Now you can finally pre-order the retail edition of ”The Dark North - Volume 1". The Dark North is no longer an intangible vision to bring the finest dark art to you all but an actuality. 

If you missed our Kickstarter campaign, you now have a chance to pre-order the retail edition of ”The Dark North - Volume 1”, that we've just made available in the newly launched Store on The retail edition will be shipped soon after the Kickstarter editions of the book. Dates will soon be announced.

The store also features a high-quality print set, containing a selected painting from each artist, as well as a beautiful poster featuring Henrik Pettersson's epic painting "Trolls".

Sneak Peek - Henrik Pettersson

Work continues. Today we venture into Henrik Petterson's world to meet one of many creatures prowling its dark corners.

This is the second installment in our series of previews. We hope you like it.

The northern darkness is coming.

- - - - - - -

Choose your game, the Red Hound said, and choose it well.

Aure chose stones and lost, and lost his face. Faceless, sightless, he slipped into the Hound’s lair beneath the roots of the world and stole its enchanted stones.

Choose your game, Aure says, and choose it well.

They play and lose, and lose their faces. And Aure collects piece after piece and slowly but surely rebuilds his own.

Kickstarter announced

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The right stuff

So, after five weeks of secrecy, here are the five creative minds that will bring light to the darkness, and in many cases darkness to the light. We are extremely proud to be able to present such a fantastically talented and creative line-up.

Peter Bergting will take you on a personal journey through a post-apocalyptic Sweden. Magnus “Mojo” Olsson explores the old Nordic myth. Joakim Ericsson has painted a cold and war-torn Scandinavian future, while Henrik Pettersson gives life to the deadly witches of the North. And finally, Lukas Thelin will delve deep into the dark, northern soul, portraying the ancient terrors of the mind. 

We hope you will find something in these unique stories that spurs your imagination and – maybe most of all – take all of these new myths to your heart.