Welcome to The Dark North

Veterans of the Swedish gaming industry join forces to present the creative minds and artists behind the Swedish gaming wonder!

For the first time ever, the art of some of Sweden’s most talented fantasy and science fiction artists are collected in a one of a kind art book. With a unique series of images - all meant to interpret the ambiance of The Dark North - these artists come together in a concept aimed at displaying their art on an international level.

Five Swedish artists will contribute to an art book with more than 200 pages, named The Dark North - Volume 1. The artists have all previously contributed to hugely successful Swedish games, fantasy novels, book covers and comic books.

- One of the things I loved about my job as CEO in Sweden’s explosive video game industry was working closely with all the spectacularly creative people who create the worlds that laid the foundation for the Swedish gaming industry phenomenon - giving them and their talent the exposure they deserve. With this project we make their art visible to the whole world, says Robert Henrysson, one of the founders of The Dark North project.

Accompanying the book, an extended web site showcasing prints and accessories and products based on the works of artists from across the Nordic countries will be launched. The site will be the foundation for a series of books showcasing more leading artists from across Sweden and the other Nordic countries.

The team behind the book consists of experienced entrepreneurs and creative minds within the Swedish fantasy culture. One of them is Fredrik Malmberg - a veteran in the Swedish gaming industry and now a movie and TV producer based in Los Angeles.

- We hope this is the beginning of something big. I think the visual tales told by the artists within the framework of The Dark North will be unique. Some of them might even be noticed in the movie and TV industry here in Hollywood. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we could create a stepping stone for these artists into a creative universe of movies, TV and other forms of expression?

The book will be launched in October through a Kickstarter campaign. Today the website www.darknorthart.com, where the project is described in more detail, will open. Starting Monday September 7th, one artist will be unveiled on the site every week up until the launch of the Kickstarter campaign.

The profits from The Dark North will go to the artists, and to the further development of the concept to create a lasting platform to showcase Nordic talent. Some of the profits will also be set aside in a fund in the memory of one of the co-founders of the project, Anders Lekberg, who tragically passed away earlier this summer.

The book will be published in the spring of 2016.