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Fredrik Malmberg

Fredrik Malmberg

A gaming pioneer in Sweden, and a film producer in California, Fredrik Malmberg's contribution to the geek community is nothing short of astoundning. Now he's a part of The Dark North team.

In this project we are collaborating with Los Angeles based Cabinet Entertainment LLC,  a production company based in Los Angeles and headed by Fredrik Malmberg. Cabinet will provide know-how and expertise for the international market to the project. 

Fredrik, what is The Dark North to you?
– It’s home. The people have a bit of a “woodcutter” mindset, which is refreshing when you spend your days in and around Hollywood. People are a bit more thoughtful, almost melancholic. The light is softer there. And pitch black in the winter night! Whenever I approach by air I am amazed at  the vast forests, and many lakes, and the beauty of this untouched landscape. Just listen to the classical music of the Nordic masters and you get a sense of how close to nature and its creatures we still are there.

Why did you chose to become a part of The Dark North project?
– It was very odd. I happened to be in Stockholm for a few days and got an email from Robert saying he just crossed me on a busy street and he’d like to catch up over a coffee. I don’t think we had seen each other for more than ten years. When I sat with Robert and Anders and they told me about the project, and the artists involved, some of whom I have known and worked with over a 25 year span, I got really excited about it.

Apart from The Dark North, what are you working on right now?
– I am producing a series called “Blood Drive” for SYFY channel. It’s a dream come true for anyone with a background in games and toys, basically a high-octane, over-the-top scripted series set in a near-apocalyptic future that centers around a good cop. He is forced to join a twisted cross-country death race with a dangerous femme fatale partner. I am also producing the upcoming “Legend of Conan” feature film with Chris Morgan for Universal. We have been working hard to get the script right for Arnold Schwarzenegger to star as an older, wiser warrior who faces his own mortality. Think of it as “The Unforgiven” for Conan. I am also very involved with the relaunch of boardgames and RPG’s for Mutant Chronicles, Mutant: Year Zero and Kult, all favorite projects of mine.