The Dark North

New Science Fiction Novel from The Dark North


Following the successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for the narrative art book The Dark North – Volume 1, we are now dipping our toes in uncharted waters with science fiction novel Soft Matter, by Swedish debut writer Pär Karlsson.

It’s achilling story about a Swedish family, where the son – a soldier – ends up in an irreversible coma, and the father – a respected neurosurgeon – loses everything but his mind. A top secret medical facility in the United States offers them a startling solution, and their decisions will end up affecting them for the rest of their lives.

In a stunning blend of science fact and fiction, psychology and existentialism, Soft Matter explores what it is to be human, even if your body isn’t your own.

2018 marks the 200 year anniversary of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein – the first science fiction novel – and we at the Dark North only saw it fitting to bring these eternal questions into new light. Pär’s tragic – but also inspiring – tale of a family in ruins makes something of a Frankenstein for the 21st century.

For Soft Matter, Pär did extensive research in the fields of neuroscience and psychology and put these scientific fields in the face of a terrifying opportunity. The result is a mesmerizing story, with a premise that may very well end up a reality in our near future.

The Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for Soft Matter will go live on April 11.


Dark Horse Comics releases The Dark North

On September 27th, 2017, renowned publisher and comic book industry giant Dark Horse Comics will release The Dark North worldwide. The release presents an opportunity for a wider audience to experience some of Sweden’s premier concept artists and illustrators.

The concept of The Dark North was created one late night in a warehouse filled with books and games. In the fall of 2015, the concept was realized, as a successful Kickstarter was held allowing Charles Wood Publishing AB to release the book in September 2016. One year later, Dark Horse Comics will release the book, with a new gorgeous cover. This is the next step for The Dark North, in our quest to bring the northern darkness to all corners of the world.

The full press release:


Illustrated Prose Novel from Sweden’s Best Illustrators and Concept Artists Available Worldwide in Fall 2017

MILWAUKIE, Ore., (April 18, 2017)—Dark Horse and Charles Wood Publishing AB are excited to terrify more readers with The Dark North! Originally crowdfunded for publication in 2016, this illustrated prose-art book fusion features five unique tales ranging from Norse mythology to apocalyptic science fiction to fantasy.

Writer Martin Dunelind composes The Dark North’s five enthralling tales. The Dark North showcases artwork by Scandinavia’s leading illustrators and concept artists—including Peter Bergting (Baltimore: The Red Kingdom), Henrik Pettersson (concept artist on Minecraft at Mojang), Joakim Ericsson (concept artist at Starbreeze Studios), Magnus Olsson (Neotech RPG), and Lukas Thelin (Western RPG, Lone Wolf RPG). Lukas Thelin also creates the beautiful cover. With a foreword by author and filmmaker Clive Barker, this anthology is sure to delight and terrify any horror fan in equal measure.

Robert Henrysson—one of the instigators of The Dark North comments: “We set out to give the world a peek into the amazing Scandinavian art of science fiction, fantasy and horror, and when Dark Horse joined in we knew we had succeeded. We can't wait to see the reader response!”

The Dark North goes on sale September 27, 2017, and is available for preorder on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Penguin Random House, and Things From Another World.


The Dark North at the Göteborg Book Fair

Lukas Thelin and Per-Erik Sundström at the Göteborg Book Fair.

As you might have seen on our Facebook page, The Dark North was at the Göteborg Book Fair during the past weekend. Four out of five artists signed copies of the books, and three of the project team members were there to push the book.

The Book Fair truly was the experience of a lifetime. It was a great opportunity to meet fans both old and new, and showcase The Dark North. Seeing our book surrounded by a whole table of fantastic art books from Johan Egerkrans, Simon Stålenhag and Peter Bergting was truly awe inspiring. Only a few years ago these kinds of projects would not have been possible, and it is thanks to you, the fans and backers of these books, that they are a reality today.

Thank you to our friends at SF-bokhandeln for making our participation at the fair possible, and for their immense support of our project.