Göteborgs bokmässa

The Dark North at the Göteborg Book Fair

Lukas Thelin and Per-Erik Sundström at the Göteborg Book Fair.

As you might have seen on our Facebook page, The Dark North was at the Göteborg Book Fair during the past weekend. Four out of five artists signed copies of the books, and three of the project team members were there to push the book.

The Book Fair truly was the experience of a lifetime. It was a great opportunity to meet fans both old and new, and showcase The Dark North. Seeing our book surrounded by a whole table of fantastic art books from Johan Egerkrans, Simon Stålenhag and Peter Bergting was truly awe inspiring. Only a few years ago these kinds of projects would not have been possible, and it is thanks to you, the fans and backers of these books, that they are a reality today.

Thank you to our friends at SF-bokhandeln for making our participation at the fair possible, and for their immense support of our project.