Kevin J. Anderson writes the Foreword for Soft Matter

We are very proud to present the foreword author for Soft Matter. His name is Kevin J Anderson.

Kevin J. Anderson has published 150 books, 56 of which have been national or international bestsellers. In 2012 he launched his humorous horror series of mysteries featuring Dan Shamble, Zombie P.I., who has starred in five novels and numerous short stories, even a graphic novel. Anderson has written numerous novels in the Star Wars, X-Files, Dune, and DC Comics universes, as well as unique steampunk fantasy novels Clockwork Angels and Clockwork Lives, written with legendary rock drummer Neil Peart, based on the concept album by the band Rush. His original works include the Saga of Seven Suns series, the Terra Incognita fantasy trilogy, and the Saga of Shadows trilogy. He has edited numerous anthologies, written comics and games, and the lyrics to two rock CDs. Anderson and his wife Rebecca Moesta are the publishers of WordFire Press. 

– I first read Kevin J Anderson as a teenager. Being a Star Wars fan, the anthology series Tales from the Mos Eisley Cantina, Tales from Jabba’s Palace and Tales of the Bounty Hunters was mandatory reading. There are very few writers I would consider as versatile as Kevin, and having him collaborate with us on Soft Matter, almost 25 years later, is truly a dream come true, says Magnus Lekberg, co-founder of The Dark North.

Soft Matter is a chilling story about a Swedish family, where the son – a soldier – ends up in an irreversible coma, and the father – a respected neurosurgeon – loses everything but his mind. A top secret medical facility in the United States offers them a startling solution, and their decisions will end up affecting them for the rest of their lives.

In a stunning blend of science fact and fiction, psychology and existentialism, Soft Matter explores what it is to be human, even if your body isn’t your own.

2018 marks the 200 year anniversary of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein– the first science fiction novel – and we at the Dark North only saw it fitting to bring these eternal questions into new light. Pär’s tragic – but also inspiring – tale of a family in ruins makes something of a Frankenstein for the 21st century.

For Soft Matter, Pär did extensive research in the fields of neuroscience and psychology and put these scientific fields in the face of a terrifying opportunity. The result is a mesmerizing story, with a premise that may very well end up a reality in our near future.