The day is finally here! Printing commences tomorrow Wednesday, August 17th.

Our creative director Magnus is heading down to the printers to oversee the print run! Due to paper delivery delays we are a couple of days behind schedule, but our printers Strokirk-Landström have worked really hard to cut all the lead times in the entire printing and binding process. So all in all, we got some extra time to fine-tune everything and are now still aiming to make up all the lost time and make deliveries to our Kickstarter backers as planned by the end of August and the first weeks of September.

Having come this far, we are of course extremely excited! We are extremely proud with the results so far, and now really look forward to sharing the book with you all!

The official release of the book is set for September 13th. We will then ship all pre-order copies of the book. About a week later, the book will be available in selected retail stores.

We will be visiting a number of venues and events showcasing the book and all the artwork this autumn. We hope we'll see you and get to talk to as many of you as possible!

All the best,

/The Dark North Team