It is our pleasure to announce that "The Dark North - Volume 1" finally has a date set for heading to the printers: August 5th. Which is exactly one month from today. We can't wait to get it into your hands, as a thank you for making all of this happen!

Printing and shipping will take a couple of weeks, so this means that we will be aiming to have the books sent to you by the end of August. Overseas delivery (US, Asia, Aus/NZ) may take a week or two extra. 

The retail version will be released in mid-September, with the exact date yet to be announced. It's our absolute goal that all backers should have their Kickstarter editions before anyone can get their hands on the retail version.

A lot more news will be coming your way now that things quickly are falling into place. We're especially psyched about our news release coming up for the end of the week...

Please help us share and spread the word. Let as many people as possible know that The Dark North is coming. Sign up for our newsletter here at and do send us an email or a message with any questions that you may have!

All the best, 

/The Dark North team