Meet the creative director

While a commercial director and film editor, Magnus Lekberg is coming straight off the success of Simon Stålenhag’s book Tales from the Loop, as he initiated the first Swedish edition and worked on the well received Kickstarter for the international editions. Now he’s the creative director for The Dark North.

Magnus, what is The Dark North to you?
– The Dark North is our way of following in the footsteps of great TV shows like The Twilight Zone and Amazing Stories, two shows that has literally defined me as a person. I love the idea of letting loose a creative mind inside a pretty loose framework and just be amazed of what comes out at the end. Although we’re doing an art book and not television (yet) I love the similarities. It’s also a way to give life to a lifetime of imagination, both mine and also the artists, many whom have never been showcased like this before.

How did you end up in The Dark North project?
– One afternoon me and my brother Anders were sitting in his warehouse full of roleplaying books from many of the outstanding Swedish publishers and we realized that we needed to make a book with art from all the artists providing illustrations to the roleplaying community. Our first thought was to publish a pretty thin book with art from the various projects each artist had worked on, but as we continued working on it we discovered two things: one, Sweden is full of amazing artists doing mind-blowing imagery for not just roleplaying games but video games as well, and two, wouldn’t it be cool if we could present new and original artwork from each artists? Said and done, we called our friends and here we are - planning a coffee table book with two hundred pages and working with artists we could only have dreamed of.

Apart from The Dark North, what are you working on right now?
– I’m directing a series of commercials for a European technology company, a series of commercials for an international engine manufacturer and I’m involved in the branding of a new music service, so exciting times indeed. Also, I’m trying to finish some of Anders’s last projects, which - a part from The Dark North - include a Robin Hood roleplaying game and a yet to be revealed new edition of a well known Swedish roleplaying game.

Magnus Lekberg

Magnus Lekberg