Logo, logo on the wall!

In designing the face of The Dark North, art director Per-Erik Sundström not only had to make a stunning visual of a piece of text, but also create a symbol that would be instantly recognized. Per-Erik reveals all the secrets of The Dark North logo.

When creating the logo for The Dark North, we knew it had to be striking, it had to be timeless, it had to function in several different scenarios, it had to contain a symbol that could work on its own and finally, it had to feel right.

The Dark North span over many genres - like sci fi, fantasy and horror - and it had to convey and include all of these, or perhaps the right phrasing would be not exclude any of these. What we eventually came up with is what we think a very distinct logo, but also very vibrant and organic.

The base of the logo is the font Rodondo, which we tweaked quite heavily to fit our needs. We wanted to be able to apply texture to the logo, so the font couldn’t be too thin. But, it had to be elegant enough to feel modern. We looked at other franchises and picked a few that we had in mind while working, like Hellraiser and Conan. In the end, it’s doesn’t look very much like either of these, but we hope the spirit of them lingers in there somewhere.

The symbol, created from the letter O in North, ended up one of the most satisfying aspects of the logo. You have not seen any yet, but there are many sketches and plans for it. For example, it can easeliy transform it into a sword and a shield, a dragon’s tale and eye, a planet and with a rising starship and so on. Depending on what the theme is, it is possible it will change and mutate, giving the logo a slightly different feel.