A bird's view of the north

He's owned a game store, published a roleplaying game magazine, run several successful game developer studios and is now focusing on e-commerce and The Dark North. Read the latest staff interview with our project manager, Robert Henrysson.

Tell us about your involvement in The Dark North?
– The Dark North was a project I fell in love with. It’s as easy as that. And I did it for a number of reasons: First, because I love the fantastic creations that emerged from the minds and pens of all the artists I’ve worked with throughout my years in the computer gaming industry. Fantastic images that lay the base for fantastic worlds and fantastic stories. But I also felt that these artists were rarely recognized and awarded for what they did. Henrik Pettersson - one of the artists in The Dark North - worked with me when he won the ‘Into the Pixel’ for one of our games. That made me very happy. But… I felt that we needed to create a forum and a channel for this type of art - and artist - to allow them exposure to an audience I am convinced will love what they see. So for me, this was a project where I could invest in these people; to give back a little. It was merely a question of connecting the dots... Secondly, I did it because I really wanted to do something with the other guys on the team. Anders and Magnus are my relatives - and reconnecting with them through this project has been fantastic. So when Anders passed away this summer - just as we were getting started - the project turned very, very real. We have to do this for Anders now. That’s just the way it is...

So why a book in this digital world?
– Because I think exactly what we need in a digital world is something very tactile. A beautiful book, filled with pictures and stories that are awe-inspiring and beautiful. A book of such quality that every turn of a page is a small adventure.

What is the vision for The Dark North?
– Our vision is to create a series of coffee table books that lay the foundation for what The Dark North is. In it, each artist gets to showcase their vision of the dark north - to tell their story in pictures. And whilst we do some hand-holding and give some direction, it’s really each artist who bares the responsibility of delivering the magic in their pictures. We’ll just be there - directing the spotlight so it shines at the right spot. And helping the reader to find the way on the winding, wonderful - but maybe sometime a little slippery - trail. 
The team’s dream is of course that some of the work is so good that we can build further on it - and turn it into deeper stories for other medias. My old friend and fellow The Dark North founder Fredrik Malmberg (our LA resident TV and movie producer) and I can’t wait to make that happen! But for now - it’s going to have to be all about delivering 200% entertainment and value in the book and it’s art.
One more thing… Alongside the book, our plan is to give more Nordic genre artists the possibility to showcase - and sell - their work through darknorthart.com. This will be one of the stretch goals of the Kickstarter funding project for the book that we will launch soon.

What do you demand from the artists?
– That they deliver at their very best, as I promise to do throughout the project. I think readers will see where real passion and love has been poured into the work shown. And I hope each artist will deliver on this level.

Any words to share with the people who have engaged themselves in the project so far?
– We’ve received some very encouraging e-mails and messages from people all around the world. I can’t tell you how much this means for us. Please continue to keep suggestions, questions, ideas and comments coming in on our Facebook page, Twitter or through info@darknorthart.com. We’ll read and respond to it all!
Finally - of course we’re going to need your help to succeed. Please share the project, support it, and get your friends to support it. If you really go beyond the call of duty - I’ll personally print an “I Support My Local Concept Artist” - t-shirt and mail it to you (with a really nice picture on it of course)!!


Robert Henrysson.

Robert Henrysson.