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As an art director for The Dark North, he has a big task ahead of him when it comes to managing and refining the art of the book. Luckily, Per-Erik has years of experience from working with graphic design and layout at the biggest newspapers and magazines in Sweden.

What’s your approach to the graphic design of The Dark North?
– We’re going all-in with this book. We want every page to be amazing and spark your imagination. We also want it to feel both modern and classic at the same time. The big challenge is to make it feel timeless. Products like this tend to look dated after a couple of years. When you pick up ”The Dark North” ten years from now we want it to feel brand new.

What can we expect from the book?
– The quality of the final product means everything to us. We’re setting our goals and our standards high. This is going to be the pure definition of a premium coffee table book. The art in the book is really amazing, and combined with the best paper and print quality we can find, my ambition is that it will help you escape reality for a while.

How did you end up in this project?
– I’m and old friend of all the people involved and I’ve been working with graphic design for both newspapers and magazines for more than ten years. So when Magnus and Anders Lekberg told me about their plans and asked me if I wanted to be involved, I got really excited and jumped on-board immediately.

What are your influences?
– We’ve been looking at many art books, especially from the gaming industry. Our plan is to cherry pick from the best and mix it all up with our own unique ideas. Hopefully it will make you want to come back for volume two. Actually, if there are people out there who care about The Dark North and love design, do send me your thoughts, suggestions and ideas. I’d love to hear from you through

Per-Erik Sundström

Per-Erik Sundström