Busy building worlds

Martin Dunelind.

Martin Dunelind.

Writing RPG Coriolis with Free League Publishing and translating Mutant: Year Zero as well as Simon Stålenhags "Tales from the Loop" from Swedish to English, we are glad Martin Dunelind could find the time to join The Dark North. Get to know our senior staff writer here.

Martin, what is The Dark North to you?
– At first glance, The Dark North is an opportunity for us to explore the mythical North through the eyes of five extraordinary artists. We have given them a blank canvas and let them go wild. But The Dark North is also an almost abstract concept that is neither a time nor a place nor a specific story. Magnus, our creative director, called it a framework and it is, for the artists in this book. But it is also a backdrop against which we, as residents of the North, live and think and dream. There is so much history here, so many tales to be told, both mundane and fantastical, and the northern darkness is very much a part of all that.

How did you end up in The Dark North project?
– Magnus called me and asked if I wanted to write something for an art book he was involved with. We’ve known each other for more than twenty years and have been involved in several things together, most recently the translation of Simon Stålenhag’s hugely popular Tales from the Loop book, so naturally I was intrigued. When I learned more about the team behind The Dark North project and the vision they had for the the book, I was completely hooked. I am sincerely humbled to be a part of the project.

Apart from The Dark North, what are you working on right now?
– I’m putting the very final touches on a few things for the upcoming Coriolis role-playing game, from Free League Publishing. I’ve done quite a bit of world building for that game. Creating worlds and mythology is one of my favorite aspects of writing, which is why it’s so rewarding to write roleplaying games. I am translating Mutant: Year Zero texts for Free League, and will be one of the writers on a still secret rpg project that will be revealed some time in the beginning of 2016. More world building! I also have my day job, which is a sort of project manager role at a telecom/datacom operator, and there are dozens of more or less fragmented short stories hiding in various dark corners of my hard drives that I really should get to. But first, The Dark North.