TV interview from the Swedish Book Fair


Robert Henrysson (right) and Peter Bergting (middle) at the Swedish Book Fair.

The Dark North’s Project Manager Robert Henrysson and our artist of the week - Peter Bergting - made an appearance last week at the Swedish Book Fair - the largest annual gathering of the Swedish book industry. The people in the audience were thus treated with a sneak preview of this week’s artist. We asked them to keep it a secret, and we think they did a good job ;-).

The interview (which is in Swedish) elaborates on the project’s background in the Swedish games industry, and then moves on to discuss the themes of the upcoming book; the darkness and the light of the dark north. Peter, who is a regular contributor to Dark Horse Comics and has been working on a tv series adaptation of his “Untamed” graphic novel together with “Watchmen” producer Lloyd Levin, discusses what in our northern dark mindset and moods resonate with a broader audience; and what doesn’t.
Anyway - if your command of the Swedish tongue is up for it - check out the video here: