artist #1 revealed: 
henrik pettersson

Henrik Pettersson is the first artist to be revealed for The Dark North – Volume 1.

As a concept artist at Minecraft developer Mojang, Henrik (@Carnalizer) has lead the concept development for the online card game Scrolls. Prior to joining his current award winning game studio, he has contributed original art and concepts for a wide range of Swedish computer games. Henrik was actually the first artist ever (yes, ever!) to win the world’s most prestigious award for art in computer games - Into the Pixel - for a mobile game.

Henrik is a versatile artist, commanding dramatic, detailed boardgame cover art all the way to night-pitch dark, single-frame comics for Nordic daily newspapers. For the Dark North, Henrik breathes life into a new developing mythology featuring the Witches of the North. Born in the aftermath of the war between the Norse gods, the Aesir, and the gods that came before, the Vanir, we can assure you that you’ve never seen witches like these before. Ever. His new art promises to be as magical as it is jaw dropping. We can’t wait to show the full potential of Henrik’s original Dark North suite to the world!

Click here to read an interview with Henrik and see some of his amazing artwork.