endless night is a good
time for dark tales…

The North is a cold and dark place, where endless night is always right around the corner. Mankind has been here for a very long time but we have never really understood the North, never truly seen through the veil that obscures the truths that hide here. Twisted things move in the darkness, among the ancient trees, in the halls of gods long forgotten and in our very souls. There are many stories waiting to be told in the Dark North. Many paths to discover. Many unknown places to explore. We are here to guide you.

The Dark North is a fantasy, horror and science fiction anthology book series giving concept artists and illustrators the opportunity to show never before published original artwork.

In this volume, five extraordinary Swedish artists present their own, unique visions of The Dark North, visions grown in the fertile soil of the Swedish gaming industry. New perspectives on established myths, glimpses into worlds both in the far future and in our dreams, and a peek behind the veil that is the northern darkness. This is how we guide you.

Welcome to the Dark North!

The Dark North, Volume 1
– Coming spring 2016